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Technology is a fundamental part of everyday life.  Technotots can help your children understand and embrace it.

Nurseries and playgroups can find out all about Technotots Computer club and our complete ICT service.  There are pictures and testimonials from our customers young and old.  Please call us to arrange a free taster session at your setting.

For half an hour, each child has the use of their own laptop allowing them to progress at their own pace. Our tutors encourage children’s budding skills with a lot of practice until they can confidently navigate programmes. We select the best pre-school software, from companies like Sherston, Dorling Kindersley and 2Simple, to complement the topics in your day-to-day lessons.

About Technotots

Technotots is a computer club for pre-school children which gives them a head start with the skills they need to confidently use a mouse, keyboard and different software programmes.  Emerging skills are developed with practice and tuition until children feel confident enough to navigate the programmes.  The software is carefully selected to give a complete learning programme across the vital pre-school subjects – reading, writing, maths and the world around us.  These are designed to work in line with the Government’s early years foundation stage guidelines. Technotots’ tutors bring a suite of laptops with over 30 different software programmes and give computer lessons in the familiar nursery environment.

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The concept of a computer club for 3 – 5 year olds has proven to be very successful with nurseries.  Debbie King, deputy manager of Lollipops Day Nursery, Merton said, “The computer sessions are the highlight of the children’s week and thanks to the beneficial support and guidance they receive, computer sessions have helped develop their knowledge and concentration.”  Technotots has been successfully operating since 2002, working with nurseries and playgroups to develop children’s ICT skills.


How can your children benefit from Technotots?

  • learn to confidently use a computer and other programmable toys through activities, which are challenging but achievable.
  • develop mouse control and improve their hand/eye co-ordination.
  • use a keyboard, recognising letters and numbers
  • increase knowledge and understanding by exploring a subject in different media
  • use software to extend knowledge and understanding of the world, communication, language and literacy, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy and creativity
  • the close relationship between the childminders and the children will allow them to work together to develop an idea or skill.
  • the children can develop at their own pace from the personalised learning
  • children have an opportunity to form good relationships with their peers and working alongside them companionably.


How can your nursery benefit from Technotots?

  • access to a wide range of the best ICT equipment
  • ideal opportunity to make regular observations and assessments of each child’s achievements, interests and match their observations to the expectations of the early learning goals.
  • there will be a wide range of software which will support other areas of the curriculum, such as numeracy, literacy and creativity
  • having support from experienced ICT tutors
  • shared ideas with other childminders will develop best practice

Incorporating Technotots sessions into your nursery will provide: 

  • Access to a wide range of the best ICT equipment and experienced trainers
  • An ideal opportunity for practitioners to make regular observations and assessments of each child’s achievement of early learning goals for Ofsted
  • Enough equipment for all the children to be occupied at the same time
  • Over 30 software titles which support all areas of the curriculum